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From Seongnam  

From Indeogwon  

▣ Directions to AKS from Incheon International Airport

By Airport Bus Bus route line map
Buses heading towards AKS run every ten to fifteen minutes departing Stand 7A (from 04:50 - 20:30) and Stand 7B from (05:00 - 20:00). Stands 7A and 7B are next to each other, and when busy, are basically the same place. Buses don't always stop exactly where they are supposed to. Check your bus carefully as buses to many other places also depart from stands 7A and 7B.
Note: At the airport you pay the driver as you get on the bus. When returning to the airport you have to buy a ticket before you get on the bus (there is usually a kiosk near the bus stop selling tickets).

There are two possible routes:
Catch a bus heading for Bundang / Seongnam (Stand 7B) and get off at Seohyeon yeok (Seohyeon Station in Bundang). Make sure the bus actually stops at Seohyeon Station before getting on! From right where you get off the bus, take a taxi to AKS. The black (Mobeom) luxury taxis cost a little more but are better (should cost about W20,000).

Catch a bus heading for Suwon (Stand 7A) and get off at Byeomgye yeok (Byeomgye subway station in Anyang). Don't go all the way to Suwon! And make sure the bus actually stops at Byeomgye yeok before getting on. When you get off the bus you should find yourself in front of a large shop called Kim's Club. As you watch the bus leaving, walk back in the opposite direction about 200m until you reach an intersection. There, take a left, walk another 50m, and you will find a bus stop for the #303 bus which goes to AKS. Catch the #303 bus (W1500) heading for Bundang and get off in front of AKS. Another method would be to get a taxi - the estimated cost from there to AKS ought be no more than W25,000.

By Taxi
Taxi prices are never easy to estimate. The prices from the airport to Bundang (AKS is in Bundang-gu) as written on the Incheon Airport website are: Ordinary taxi - W80,000
Mobeom taxi - W110,000 (luxury taxi)

If it becomes apparent the taxi driver doesn't know where AKS is, ask him to go to Pangyo Interchange and then to head back west towards Anyang, away from Bundang. The route from Pangyo is explained below for drivers but it should be possible to find it by following the AKS signs. The Academy of Korean Studies in Korean is: Hangukhak Jungang Yeongu-won

Directions to AKS from Gimpo Airport (used mostly for domestic flights).
The buses from Incheon International Airport heading for Suwon and Seongnam / Bundang usually pass through Gimpo on their way into Seoul and beyond.

Another method would be to take the subway. Take the #5 subway (purple line) heading into Seoul. Change to the #2 circular line (green) at Yeongdeungpo gucheong heading anti-clockwise towards Sadang. From Sadang, take any south bound train and get off after seven stops at Indeogwon. Leave the station via exit #2 and walk 25m to the bus stop. Take the #303 or 1550-3 bus (W1,500) heading for Bundang and get off in front of AKS (about 15 mins). Or, you could take a taxi (about W10,000).

▣ Directions to AKS from Seoul

By Subway
The simplest way to get to AKS from Seoul is to take the subway. There are two main routes.
Take the #4 blue subway line heading south. Get off the train at Indeogwon Station (seven stops south of where the blue and green lines meet at Sadang in southern Seoul). Leave the station via exit #2 and walk 25m straight ahead to the bus stop. Take the #303 or #1550-3 bus heading towards Bundang (W1,500) and get off in front of AKS (about 15 mins). Or, you could take a taxi (about W10,000).

Take the #3 Orange subway line and change to the Bundang line at Suseo Station. Get off at Seo-hyeon Station or Sunae Station and get a taxi to AKS (about W20,000).

By Bus
Bus #1550-3 departs from Sadang Station (the intersection of the green and blue lines in southern Seoul) every twenty minutes; the last bus departs at 11:50pm. This bus stops right outside AKS and designated bus lanes on the road mean that it is not held up in the traffic travelling to and from Sadang.

From Seoul by Taxi
Many Seoul taxi drivers will probably not know where AKS is. Accordingly, it is easiest to take the subway to Indeokwon or into Bundang (see above) and then catch a local taxi. Another option may be to book a taxi in advance since they are likely to send someone who knows the way. Otherwise, if approaching AKS from the West, tell the taxi driver to first go to Indeogwon, and then to head towards Bundang. AKS is about 5km towards Bundang and is signposted. If approaching from the East (Bundang), ask the driver to head for Pangyo IC (Interchange). From there, AKS is signposted.

Directions to AKS by Driving Directions to AKS from the south by car :
Travelling up the Kyeongbu Expressway, turn off at Pangyo Interchange. Approach the tollgate to the right side, and on passing through, turn right. You will find that you are now going under the expressway. As soon as you pass under the expressway you should move to the right lane and make a right turn at the traffic lights - follow the signs for AKS. If you miss this turn, continue straight for another 400m and then take the next right (be careful not to turn into Pangyo village itself). From here, you should be able to follow the signs to AKS (4km).

Note: The Academy of Korean Studies in Korean is: Hangukhak Jungang Yeongu-won